Influential Albums – Day 6

The Clash – S/T (US version)

I wish I knew where I heard The Clash for the first time. I got this on cassette – that was the format I used pretty much exclusively at the time – in California, I think at Tower Records in San Francisco. I was in 9th grade and my family was in SF for a conference my dad was involved in. I guess I heard something off London Calling, maybe had even gotten it at that point? Anyway, I love The Clash and this one totally struck a chord with me. Loud, raw, catchy. I know the lyrics are a very important part of the band, but to be perfectly honest, I’m a melody man. A song’s got to have a great hook and music to pull me in. I’ll incorrectly sing the words to songs for years. I am a serial lyric mishearer. So, again, I know the lyrics to The Clash are super important to whole thing of The Clash, but at the same time, so were their looks. They were calculatedly put together by the band. That has nothing to do with anything other than make me feel like less lame for not fully committing myself to the lyrics.

My dad did not understand or like my punk rock inclinations. I did not understand his disdain for it. To me, there were a lot of comparisons between the early, original rock ‘n roll he turned me on to and bands like The Clash. They even covered, “I Fought the Law”, not on this album, but nonetheless. Three chords, catchy songs, brazen attitude. It seemed synonymous to me. I get it now. Punk rock was an affront to a lot he held near and dear and I’m sure had he heard, “I’m So Bored With the USA”, he would have been none too pleased.

My favorite tracks from this one are – again, no certain order – “Police and Thieves”, “Garageland” (Gehr-aj), “Hate and War”, and “Career Opportunities

A podcast I listen to – and you should too – “The Great Albums Podcast” did one on London Calling not long ago and it was great. I was unaware that Joe Strummer wrote most of the songs, whether it was he or Mick Jones that sung. The Clash always did great covers, too. They could have put out an album of just their covers and it would have been great. The hosts of The Great Albums talk about how The Clash always make the covers they do their own, and it’s totally true. As mentioned earlier, “I Fought the Law” (Bobby Fuller Four version) could totally come from the pen and paper of a young, British punk rocker.

Not seeing The Clash play live is something I am sad about. I don’t know if the band would have gotten back together had Joe Strummer not died. Their induction into the R ‘n R Hall of Fame – who are those sharped dressed, hair slicked down men? – was interesting to see. I don’t know if Joe would have been part of that or not. He had moved away from punk rock as he got older, but he was still revolutionary. Mick Jones moved away from punk too with Big Audio Dynamite. I read somewhere that Joe was up for playing, but he died shortly before their induction. Damn.

The documentary on The Clash (there are several, but I really liked this one) and Joe Strummer are both worth watching. Go get your punk rock on and listen to The Clash.


Influential Albums – Day 5

The Stone Roses – Stone Roses

These guys. Talk about burning bright and burning out. That is what The Stone Roses did. I guess I saw the video for Fools Gold (Full version) on 120 Minutes then read about them in one of GQ’s Sassy magazines, The article started off talking about the lead off song, “I Wanna Be Adored”. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

One of my college roommates, the elusive and not-heard-from-again-Tim Smith must have had the CD. It might have been a cassette, because that’s what I had it on. It was in my car and Panasonic Walkman knock off A LOT. The whole Madchester scene was big, but Stone Roses were the very, very top of the crop.

Their album cover art was inspired by Jackson Pollock and even name drop him on one of their b-sides. More on those next. “Going Down“. They are, in turn, name dropped by one of my favorite current bands, The Fratellis, on “For the Girl” – ‘she was into the Stones when I was into the Roses’

When I got to UGA and worked at WUOG I was amazed by all the b-sides I didn’t know about. B-sides in general, I think, are much more of a British band thing than American artists. I may be wrong about that, but it seems like all the best b-side songs I’ve heard are from British bands.

Anyway, The Stone Roses never took off like I think they deserved to and I think that has a lot to do with their self-destructive habits and behavior. The stories are all out there and you can read up on it if you’re interested. Needless to say, they needed to keep the ball rolling, but instead it was stopped and their career suffered for it.

Atmospheric, groove heavy, and transcendent. Those are the words/phrase I would use to describe this album. Anytime I can find something like this first album I dive in. It has not happened very often. It definitely did not happen with Second Coming. I’m not even putting a link to it.

I turned a few people onto Stone Roses, but not that many. Whatever. They must have fallen into that category of being too British. Some people can’t take that, but not me. That just makes me love them more.

They were hugely influential to other British bands as they documentary I watched on them made clear. Too bad they burned too brightly. I’m not sure they could have outdid this first album. They definitely fit into the category of “Debut Albums So Good the Band Did Not Ever Have To Release Anything Else and They Would Still Be Considered Pivotal”.

Stand out tracks for me, well, all of them. Top five from the album, in no order, “I Wanna Be Adored”, “I Am the Resurrection”, “Elephant Stone” “She Bangs the Drum”, and “This is the One”.

I got a Stone Roses collection and it’s great, but I recently went back and listened to this album, and besides “Don’t Stop” it’s an album that needs to be heard as a whole. I guess, if you’re so inclined, you could consider, “Don’t Stop” like “Within Without You” from Sgt. Peppers’. I am not a fan of it. I understand its importance and its place, but I’m not a fan.

Last thing, extended mixes. The Stone Roses had a thing of taking songs and going with them. Extended versions, not dance remixes, but just extended jams that were, I’m guessing, a BIG part of the Madchester thing. Extended dances to get your groove on with whatever was turning your groove up. I’m not sure what those kids were into. I just dug the jams. So, here’s “I Am the Resurrection” (Full version)

Just Like Starting Over


(Full Disclosure – this post has nothing to do with John Lennon’s song of the same title. I was hoping it would, but not happening. On with the post…)

Here at Trinity School, we are always striving to increase our ability to help our students. One of the main ways this happens is through the professional development (PD) that Trinity offers. Our PD is meaningful and impacting.

This is my third year at Trinity, and I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that I have grown more professionally in those three years than in the 18 I was in public school. That statement is hard to believe, I imagine. I am sure that you may even think that I am employing hyperbole, but I honestly think it is a true statement.

I have mentioned in a previous post that we are not only expected to continue to grow as a teacher, but it is encouraged. Opportunities abound for teachers and staff members to explore areas and techniques that will benefit us in the classroom, but also in areas of our own personal growth. The administration knows that when we are taking care of ourselves, stretching our minds, learning new things, we will be more effective in the classroom, and ultimately that is our main goal. To become the best  that we can be in the classroom so that our students will get the absolute best education they can while they are at Trinity.

So, how does that tie into the title of this post? That would be the recent addition of the concept of mini-lessons to the classroom. What is a mini-lesson? From the Web Site, Teacher Vision, “A mini lesson is a short lesson with a narrow focus that provides instruction in a skill or concept that students will then relate to a larger lesson that will follow. A mini lesson typically precedes reading workshop or writing workshop, but it can serve as an introduction to a social studies, science, or math lesson.”

I have always been a whole-group teaching kind of teacher. I have relied on my ability to hold my students’ attention through my kinetic personality and delivery as well as finding ways to help the students connect to the lesson. I think I have been successful at this, but after learning about mini-lessons and seeing this approach from some of my co-workers I have made a decision that it will benefit my students more if I adopt this method as well. It is a big change in teaching styles and one that I am attempting to make this year.

Two critical factors in successfully implementing the mini-lesson strategy are keeping the lessons short and concise and the conferencing that occurs with individual students while the remainder of the class is independently working. I’m not necessarily known for being one to get directly to the point. My students learn that pretty quickly. I am learning to cut down my delivery to the very essence of the lesson I am introducing or teaching to the class. Doing so will help to ensure that the engagement of the students will be held. One on one conferencing takes time, practice and a very different approach than a whole-group style of teaching. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m not a quiet person, but in order to not distract the other students, I am going to need to find use my inside voice.  I have one, I just don’t use it very often. Learning to be unobtrusive as I make my way around the classroom to confer with students is something that I can see may be another challenge for me.

Luckily, I have the knowledge that challenges make me rise to the occasion. I have 20 years of experience in education. I have so many tools in my toolbox (teacher lingo, y’all). Most importantly, I have the support of an awesome administrative team and co-workers who will help me with this challenge. Their encouragement, advice, and observations will guide me along this path to taking my teaching to a new level.

To top it off, I am inviting my administrators and colleagues in my class to watch me this year as I am starting over. Robert Kaplinsky has issued the #ObserveMe Challenge, a chance for teachers to invite others in to observe them in the moment and look for specific feedback on different goals the teacher lists on a sign outside the classroom door:


I am excited about this and a little nervous. As I said, it is a big change for me, but one that I know will be beneficial for my students, and above all else, as a teacher, I want to be the very best I can for my students. (Maybe I should have had a David Bowie song in my head?)

What challenges are you facing and what goals have you set for yourself this school year? I’d love to hear from you on these topics.


30-Day Writing Challenge – Post Challenge Update & Students’ Entries


This picture has nothing to do with this post. It’s just an old one of Coco’s and it’s one of my favorites of hers so I thought I’d put it here.

My 30-day challenge finished out with a sputter, I guess. The end of the month came on a weekend after a 5th-grade overnight trip. I already knew I wasn’t going to do any writing on the trip, and even though I wanted to finish it out strong, I was just wiped out from that trip.

So, I’m going to put some of my kids’ entries here.

Daily Routine
Ridely R – Wake up, eat and watch TV, brush teeth, sometimes shower, go to school

Gregory E – Wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast

Hayden C – Wake up, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to school

Grayson C – 6:15 – Wake up; 6:20 – wash face, take retainer out; 6:25 – breakfast; 6:45 – get dressed; 6:50 – do hair and brush teeth; 7:00 – pack bags; 7:15 – leave for Pipers’ house

Lawton J – Wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, drive to school

Finn S – Wake up, get dressed, brush teeth, eat, get in car, go to school

Claire B – “Too long, but 8 steps”

Trick M – Wake up, pack up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to school

Astrological Sign 
Ridley R – Sagittarius – Fits me perfectly

Gregory E – Libra – Yes, I think it fits me

Hayden C – Aquarius and yes I do

Grayson C – A bull (Taurus) No, I don’t think it fits me b/c I am not very aggressive

Finn S – I don’t know  Libra?

Claire B – Scorpio and YES!

Trick M – A Taurus Yes, it fits me

What Would You Say to Actor, Athlete, Musician, Celebrity?

Ridley R – I love to watch you!

Gregory E – I’m your biggest fan. I’m so excited to meet you.

Hayden C – I am a huge fan of them, admire their skills, and ask for an autograph

Lawton J – You’re a good actor

Finn S – I love your videos. Keep up the good work.

Claire B – You are awesome. I love watching and listening to you sing. Awesome job!

Trick M – I would say I want to be like you

Marshall B – You’re my idol

30-Day Writing Challenge, Day 24 (Day 23 Prompt) – My Favorite Relative Outside of My Immediate Family

So, because I am giving my students the option of doing the weekend prompts, I’m choosing to do Day 23’s prompt on Day 24. To paraphrase Mel Brooke’s, it’s good to be the teacher.

My favorite relative outside of my immediate family is my mom’s sister, Mary Alice Wood. She is my mom’s older sister and she has always done a great job of being a part of my life and now my family’s life.

When I was younger she would take me to Turtle’s Records & Tapes for my birthday and let me buy myself a record, tape or CD. She would often question my selections and look at (and read [aloud!]) the lyrics, which my parents never did, and that was embarrassing sometimes. Especially when I was really digging Adam & the Ants, “Prince Charming“. I don’t know why the official video isn’t there on You Tube, but it’s not. Anyway, she always gave me the choice to get whatever I wanted.

When I was getting ready to go to college she gave me this advice: Make sure you talk to friends, especially older friends, to find out which professors are really good and which are really the ones you to stay away from. That’s some advice that I should have taken when it came to my Southern Lit class at UGA. That class resulted in the lowest grade I ever received in writing a paper, along with the comments,”This is barely legible.” and “I don’t know how you ever made it this far writing like this.” Up until that point, I had made really good grades on all of my papers. After that, it completely knocked me for a loop and took several classes to get my writing mojo back.

As I got older, got married and had kids, Mary Alice continued (and continues) to be interested and involved with what is going on with me. As GQ developed herself into the author, Angel Lawson, Mary Alice has kept up with her releases, asking her questions, recommending her books to friends of hers, and buying copies to share with friends. She shows the same level of interest with the Girls.

I don’t get to see her as often as I would like, but whenever I do it’s always entertaining and there’s always interesting conversation. I’m very thankful for Aunt Mary Alice.

30-Day Writing Challenge, Day 21 – My Astrological Sign & Does It Fit Me?

“The Crabs are mostly the family types. Their personality can be quite complicated, but deep inside they are conservative and home-loving people. They love to be in  familiar surroundings and nurture their relationships. To understand a Cancer-born more thoroughly, we can look at their positive and negative qualities.”


From Astrology Zodiac Signs
Tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive
Weaknesses: Moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure
Cancer likes: Art, home-based hobbies, relaxing near or in water, helping loved ones, a good meal with friends
Cancer dislikes: Strangers, any criticism of Mom, revealing of personal life
cancer negative

cancer positive

Positive                                                                             Negative

Hunh, this is like Grad School. I can find evidence to support whatever I think. I’m going to put the positive things in orange and the negative in blue (which offends me since blue is my favorite color, but I suppose I’m just being over-sensitive)

So, clearly, I’m Cancer-born. I read a long time ago that you don’t say, I’m a Cancer. I guess that would change if you were really toxic and caused bad stuff to grow all the time wherever you went, but I digress (and I’m not like that at all)

Looking at the Positive and Negative traits of a Cancer-born, I can see traits of me in both. I don’t necessarily find the “touchy” to be a negative unless it’s on the overly sensitive side, then sure, yes, that’s a little negative.

My intuition isn’t all that strong, I don’t think. I also don’t think I’m all that devious. I can be, but I am not normally.

Self-absorbed? Only because of my awesomosity. Sheesh.

Needy? I don’t know about that. You’d have to ask the Glitter Queen. I suppose she might agree to that sometimes.

Nicer than everyone else? Well, I’m pretty doggone nice I have to say. 

I don’t think I’m that possessive. This probably should have been a guest post with me asking people if I fit my astrological sign. Jeez, I don’t like looking at the negative traits picture. There are traits on there that are certainly true, but others that I don’t agree with. Again, Grad School. 

Being so SELF-ABSORBED I don’t know that much about other people’s signs and their traits, so…how about you? Do you fall in line with your traits? You can click on any of the links up above and see how you measure up.

I couldn’t find a meme or anything from the actual song, but I’ll share Fred Schneider’s quotation from “Song for a New Generation“, “Hi, I’m Fred, the Cancerian from New Jersey

30-Day Writing Challenge, Day 20 – First 3 Songs on iPod & Thoughts on Those Songs



I love music things like this. I also kind of hate music things like this. I have VERY eclectic music tastes. When I got my first iPod I made a decision that it was a purely selfish purchase, so that I would always keep some music of all the family on there. Mostly music for the Girls. They were much younger then so that means there was a lot of The Wiggles on there. I still have a very soft spot in my heart for Them Wiggles.

The idea here is that I list the three first songs on my iPod and write the thoughts that come to mind  about them. I’m always a little nervous about what will come up. This shuffle is pretty interesting.

Walking on the Moon” The Police – I love The Police. Absolutely love them. They are an amazing band. The chemistry between the three of them apparently is quite toxic when they aren’t balanced exactly the right way, and from what I have read was pretty often. I had the first four albums on cassettes that an early crush of mine made for me. I, well, my brother, bought Synchronicity on cassette. Listening to them always makes me think of being 16 and listening to The Police in my car on a bad tape player.

Tongue” – R.E.M. Interesting one here. I like when singers take on the role of the opposite gender which I think Michael Stipe does in this song. I don’t go into the meanings of songs very often. I listen to a song as a whole, or as parts. I don’t analyze them. There are a couple of different theories on this one. I’m not going to talk about either of them. I love R.E.M. more than I love The Police. They’re from Georgia, they were outsiders that made it super huge without ever sacrificing what they wanted to do.

Kiss” – Prince. Prince doesn’t let his official stuff live Online for very long, therefore, “Kiss”, the official video isn’t there on those InterWebz, and that’s too bad because it’s a great video. The best part is when Wendy rolls her eyes at Prince at one of his lines. What’s not to love about Prince? Well, the fact that he doesn’t let his stuff live Online for very long, but hey man, that’s his prerogative, right? (that’s how you spell ‘prerogative’? Weird).

What are the first 3 songs on YOUR music player, hmmm? Let’s see ’em!

30-Day Writing Challenge, Days 15, 17 & 18

Okay, so, when I started this I told my students that they didn’t have to do the weekends because it’s a school assignment, and I can’t assign them homework on the weekend. So, days 16 & 17 are weekend days. To be honest, Day 16 – Bullet Your Entire Day – blargh. Now, a comic book writer that I admire very much, Kelly Sue DeConnick uses a bullet point journal and does this every day and it seems to help her and many of her followers/fans be more productive. I’m not there. (in the spirit of Trinity School) Yet.

I didn’t get to Day 15 because I was packing for a trip GQ and I are currently on with The Girls. Oldest Child and GQ ran the Disney Dark Side Half Marathon down in Orlando, and so we used that as an opportunity to go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. I was packing and getting ready and didn’t have time to do “Three Pet Peeves”. Let me tell you right now, there are a lot more than three, but in the spirit of the thing, I’m going to stick with that. I’m also going to include Sunday, the 17th in there because it’s a really good one, “A Quote You Try to Live By”, and being that today is the 18th, I’m going to get back on track and do that one. They’re just all three going to be wrapped up in one package. It might be long. You might even be, TLDR, and well, not going to blame you for that, but I’ve gained some followers recently, I may even be up to EIGHT, so…there, I guess?

Three Pet Peeves

1. Being unaware of the people around you while you’re driving your car.
– I know, it’s easy to forget the world exists outside of your car. You’re in there safe and alone. You can pick your nose, you can sing out loud to your bad music choices, it’s just you and your automobile. But here’s the thing: THERE ARE STILL LOTS AND LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE BEING AFFECTED BY YOUR DRIVING! La lala lala…I’m going really slow or I’m stopping for no reason. My blinker is just an option. I’m changing lanes because I forgot to when I was supposed to. La lala lala.  Do me a favor, please. Pull your head out of the cloud, take a look in your rearview mirror and to the left and right of you. There are lots and lots of other drivers behind you and beside you that are shooting visual daggers at you, cursing you and your inability to drive well, and feeling that tightening pressure as their pulse quickens and their blood pressure rises. Just be aware of other people on the road and have some common sense. That’s a lot to ask, I know, but I think we’ll all be a lot better off for it.

2. Grammar Idiots
– “loose” is not the same as “lose”. They’re, there, and their are really, really, really easy to tell apart. I’m going to leave it at those two.

3. Putting the Ice Trays Back in the Freezer Empty
– Our ice maker is broken. I like ice in almost all of my drinks. I mean, I really like ice. I like ice so much that my in-laws buy bags of ice to keep at their house when I come visit. So, when I go to get ice from the ice trays and there are empty ice trays in the freezer, it definitely falls into the Pet Peeve category. Fill it up. It doesn’t take long. It might make a little watery mess as you take it from the sink to the freezer, but that’s okay. I’m better with water on the floor than no ice.

Day 17 – A Quote [Quotation – see Pet Peeve #2]  I Try to Live By

“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells” Dr. Seuss. If you no me at all then you know that I certainly like nonsense. Perhaps more than my fair share of it. I like Seuss’ quotation because I find it to be completely true. When things are nonsensical you have to really prick up your mind to try to make sense of it all. You may not be able to make sense of it, but it will definitely get the old noggin moving trying to figure it out. Sometimes the nonsense doesn’t make me happy, and I would be apt to say that I don’t like it, but most of the time, 9 times out of 10 I do like it.

Day 18 – My Favorite Color & Why

I would be tempted to say that my favorite color is orange. I like orange. I like it a lot. My car in high school and college was orange and it totally fit me as a person. Whenever I do those Color Tests, I’m an orange. Recently though, I’ve become more blue. Blue was my first favorite color. When I was maybe 9, my mom told me that I could get my room painted whatever color I wanted. “Really?” She said yes, so I chose royal blue. It was so awesome. So, now I’m back to blue being my favorite color. Orange is a manic color and for a number of years I was pretty manic. Blue can be both exciting and subdued and I like that. I need that. I am not often subdued, but sometimes it’s necessary, and I find that blue can fill that need. It can also be awesome, like my royal blue bedroom walls. It can happy or sad. It can fit the mood that it needs to fit, and that is why blue is now my favorite color.

Well, that was fun. I am going to get back on track of doing this daily tomorrow after we return from Orlando. It has been a great trip! Lots of fun to be had at Universal. Another favorite Dr. Seuss quotation is, “From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere,” perfectly sums up this trip.13029686_10209372403534090_1736733160495711928_o13001056_10209371879080979_5659724344373857463_n

30-Day Writing Challenge, Day 14 – Your Life 7 Years from Now


7 years from now I’ll be 52 almost 53. Good grief! That used to seem so very, very old. I know it’s not now. 7 years from now I will have a 21-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old about to graduate from high school. Good grief (again)! I am thinking that I will still be teaching. Will I be at Trinity? Who knows?

I’m going to go with what this comic up above is saying, “The future doesn’t care what you think.” That’s the truth. I tell my students all the time to live in the moment. I try not to worry about the future too much. Actually, my favorite Bible verse deals with that specifically – “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”(NIV)

So, in 7 years, I hope to be in a very similar position to where I am now – doing something I love with people I enjoy, living a life with the Glitter Queen and two almost grown daughters.

Maybe, by then, I’ll be a grown-up.



30-Day Writing Challenge – Students’ Posts

class photo 2

The kids of Team Benefield have been doing a nice job of keeping up with the daily challenges. They aren’t writing as much as I had hoped, but they are doing it, and they are willing to share it with me. I’ve picked 3 topics to share some of their responses: 5 Problems w/ Social Media, 10 Interesting Things About Me, and A Place I Would Live, Even Though I Haven’t Ever Visited.

It’s interesting to note that many of them think that social media accounts are open and available for everyone to see. It was a reoccurring idea in the 5 Problems post. I will have to make sure they know they can change the privacy settings, but of course, since they aren’t 13 they don’t have one. (Uhhh…right)

5 Problems w/ Social Media


  1. It’s not always private
  2. Someone that you don’t know can look at your pictures or posts
  3. You can get hacked
  4. You can get tracked down
  5. Some things are inappropriate


  1. Too much time posting so kids don’t do HW
  2. Posting and seeing inappropriate things
  3. Anyone can see your posts
  4. People can track you down
  5. Kids download without parents knowing


  1. You can do things you don’t mean
  2. People can get mad at you
  3. It can be dangerous
  4. You can be stalked
  5. It can be awkward


  1. Hackers can hack you
  2. Inappropriate pictures
  3. Inappropriate comments
  4. Forgetting password
  5. Anyone can read your stuff


  1. Wasting time
  2. You can lie about your age
  3. Inappropriate pictures
  4. Sharing personal information
  5. Sharing someone’s picture when they don’t want it seen


  1. Anyone can see everything you post
  2. Some people post inappropriate things
  3. People can trace you
  4. People get addicted
  5. Strangers can track you


  1. Anyone can do anything and not get caught
  2. Inappropriate stuff can be posted
  3. No parental controls
  4. Nosy people stalking you
  5. MAPOTI!


  1. Instagram – it’s a good idea but random ppl can create a fake name and act nice, but they could be a weird murderer
  2. Snapchat – random people can see ur story
  3. Accounts can get hacked
  4. Ppl use it to bully or be mean
  5. Ppl can track you


  1. People insult
  2. Post inappropriate things
  3. Leave footprints
  4. People hack other people’s accounts
  5. People spend too much time


10 Interesting Things


  1. I play PS4
  2. I like cats
  3. I play tennis
  4. I have a sister
  5. I am neighbors Mellow Mushroom
  6. I wear glasses
  7. My eyes are blue
  8. My favorite color is green
  9. I have a cat named Pete
  10. I have a cat named Poggi


  1. I collect lots of memorabilia
  2. I have over 100 stuffed animals
  3. Ketchup is my favorite food
  4. My favorite movie is a lot of the Star Wars movies
  5. My dad and I enjoy watching the Red Sox
  6. My favorite player is David Oritz
  7. I enjoy volunteering
  8. My favorite subject is social studies
  9. I dislike hot dogs, especially at Yankee Stadium
  10. I love hockey!


  1. I have 2 cats
  2. I can now swallow a pill
  3. I play tennis tournaments
  4. I have curly hair
  5. I wear glasses
  6. I didn’t apply out
  7. I am allergic to carrots
  8. I suck at golf
  9. I love tennis
  10. I want to go to Woodward


  1. I play baseball
  2. I have a pool
  3. I have two sisters
  4. My middle name is Michael
  5. I play football
  6. I play basketball
  7. I have been at [this school] since I was three
  8. I don’t have a pet
  9. My mom is a substitute
  10. I like golf


  1. I’m allergic to Iodine
  2. I hate vegetables
  3. I’m allergic to dead bugs
  4. I’m lactose intolerant
  5. I love white chocolate
  6. I love Reese’s cups
  7. I don’t like to brush my hair
  8. I love the Beatles
  9. I love to listen to old songs
  10. I love to listen to Spanish songs


  1. I own two guitars
  2. I like Star Wars
  3. I have an electric car
  4. My birthday is tomorrow
  5. I’m going to Galloway next year
  6. I have an Ipad Pro
  7. I love to draw
  8. My Dad’s b-day is the day after mine
  9. I have my own theories about Dinosaurs
  10. I found a coin from Trinidad and Tobago in my Backyard


  1. I take college courses
  2. I am German and Polish making me a “Peace child”
  3. My initials are MAD
  4. My cats have nerdy names, Saturn and Spocky
  5. I am ambidextrous
  6. I am going to Zanzibar
  7. I went on a plane at 4 months
  8. I’m livin’ by the river
  9. 97 year-old piano teacher
  10. My eyes change with the seasons


  1. I have 2 dogs
  2. I have 1 turtle
  3. I play softball
  4. I have brown hair
  5. I applied out
  6. I have a sister
  7. I play basketball
  8. I like climbing trees
  9. I’m a lefty
  10. I like ice cream


  1. I love to bake
  2. I am allergic to peaches
  3. I’m pretty (according to Claire)
  4. I wear glasses 😕
  5. I also wear contacts 😊
  6. I like fruits and veggies
  7. My eyes are hazel
  8. I’ve worn glasses for 3 years
  9. I’ve had braces before
  10. I am a UK fan

Where would you live even though you’ve never been there?

Andrew  – I would want to live in California, or the Bahamas, or Great Britain

Claire B- New York City!

Marshall  – I would live in Fiji

Finn  – I would live in Hawaii even though I have never been to it

Grayson C- I would live in the Galapagos Islands. There are so many cool creatures and the water is beautiful!

Audrey  – I would live in Dubai because I’ve heard the buildings are awesome

Kiki – I would live in Australia in a heartbeat

Lawton – Australia

Katrina – I would live in Australia even though I’ve never visited it